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Constellation Data Systems, Inc.

Rapid Response Engineering from Cincinnati Ohio

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Constellation Data has specific and recent experience using the following technologies in providing Rapid Response Custom Electronic Engineering:

Analog / Digital Electronic Engineering:

  • CMOS Image Sensors (Micron Family)
  • Microprocessors (ARM family, 8051 family, Zilog)
  • Digital Logic (Altera / Xilinx)
  • Firmware support (C and Assembly)
  • DC - DC Converters
  • Motor Control: H Bridge and Stepper
  • Platinum Fuel Cells and Semi Conductor Gas Sensors
  • Organic LED and LED Matrix Displays
  • LCD and LED Segmented Displays
  • Synchronous Communications Controllers
  • UARTS (from a variety of sources) and Kernel Mode Drivers
  • Any number of SPI and I2C peripherals
  • Radio Frequency Engineering, Control Communications and Filtering


Radio Frequency Engineering

  • Tunable Filters
  • Anti-Jam
  • Digital AM

Industries Serviced

  • Government Systems
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Maritime
  • Medical

Where to Go From Here?

At your convenience call the Constellation Data Sales / Business development office for a no obligation discussion about your requirements. Our sales representatives have authority to grab the "right engineer" from another cubicle for an in depth discussion about technology & costs, as well as scheduling and risk mitigation strategies.